Study:Do Fitness Trackers Help You Lose Weight?
From VOA Learning English,this is the Health &Lifestyle report.

There is a bad news for people who bought a wearable fitness tracker in hopes of losing weight.

A new study finds the electronic device probably does not help with weight loss.

Fitness trackers are designed to record your physical activity.They are usually worn around the wrist,where they measure a person’s heart rate.

A research team looked at two groups of individuals.The first wore a fitness tracker and took part in health counseling.

In other words,they spoke with nutrition and physical fitness experts to consider the best weight loss plan.

The study found that those who simply had health counseling lost more weight than those who had counseling and wore a fitness tracker.

We questioned the use of electronic devices as tools for weight control in place of “effective behavioral counseling for physical activity and diet.”

The study’s findings are important because effective long-term treatments are needed to address obesity epidemic.

More information is needed ,to learn how to best use these devices to change”physical activity and diet behaviors”in adults who want to lose weight.