Next to the left bank of Seine River in Paris, there is a small zoo, which is situated in the famous Botanic Garden. Itís said that this is one of the most ancient zoos in Paris, or even in the whole world. It is not only famous for the Botanic garden, but also the zoo, which is the milestone in human history. In 1794, it started to welcome the tourists. The zoo has more than 80 species, and also some animals who are on the brink of extinction. Excepting these valuable animals, some of the structures are also the historical relics. There are lots of buildings, which were built in the age of Napoleon. However, 200 years have passed, the zoo has to face many problems now, for there is no restoration. Now they have collected 480 euros, but it is still a long way to have 88,000 euros to reconstruct the ancient sites.

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