Hong kong’s chief executive to not seek second term.

Hong kong’s deeply unpopular chief executive, CY Leung has announced that he will not run for a second term in the territory’s March elections.
Local media reported Mr Leung had already informed Beijing that he would not run for the election and cited family reasons and his responsibility as a father and a husband for the decision.
Mr Leung,who was elected by a 1,200-member body dominated by pro-Beijing elites, has come under heavy criticism for his failure to address chronic issues facing Hong Kong.
For instance, in his main policy speech at the beginning of 2016 the chief executive failed to offer much in the way of solutions for Hong Kong’s social and economic ills but referred 47 times to Chinese President Xi Jinping’s One Belt,One Road Program.
Mr Leung’s popularity has steadily declined over the last few years. According to a recent survey by Hong Kong University’s Public Opinion Program, in late November his approval rate stood at 23 percent while his disapproval rate was 61 percent. His current term ends in July,2017.