After watching  Hades, God of dead, I would like to say something about death. Actually this myth reveals two different kinds of desires about conquering death. Some intend to reach the underworld to make  people rise from the dead. Like Orphus, reaching the underworld with difficulty, he hopes his wife can come back to life, but finally he failed on account of his  fragile willpower. Others aspire to escape from death and try to return to the earth. Like Sisyphus, he  pursuades Hades' wife to bring him back to life with a lie, but at last not tricking the death, he is engaged in a pointless endervour for eternity.
    In terms of their story, we know that mortal who dedicate himself to defeating the death is in vain. No one could slip through the grasp of death. As far as I am concerned, the most essential reason why they cannot defeat the death is that they are human beings. That is to say, those who can conquer the death completely are only immortal gods so this is the only difference between mortal and god. Even though everybody is loath to die, nobody can cheat death. It reminds me of a famous Hollywood movie called Thelma and Louise. Two crazy girls who get off the rails and at the end of the movie, they drive off a cliff. Surprised and unexpected, I think everyone should reflect on fact that if you followed these two girls, you still went off the cliff and then you will die.
    Personally, as is a tale, so is life: what really matters is not how long it is, but how good it is.