Similar themes can be found throughout mythology and religion the world over. I think it’s quite interesting to find these similar themes. For example, most of the mythologies have concept that death isn't the end. They think that there is more. So in Greek, they have underworld or Hades for afterlife, in Christianity, they have hell and in china we have “地狱”,but actually, they are not totally the same at all.

Greek were very serious about afterlife. Underworld was a very important part of the myth. It was domain of Hades and is itself referred by the name Hades sometimes. It is also called the kingdom of the dead.

Although referred by many as "hell", Greek Underworld isn't only that. In Christianity, hell is a place of punishment. It is very ugly and is for men who did crimes and sins when they were alive.

Underworld had an extra facility. It was divided into three living quarter for the dead, the Fields of Punishment, the Field of Asphodel and Elysian. It also had the palace of Hades, garden of Persephone, way into Tartarus and other some places. It also had five rivers discussed further in this hub.

Underworld has that as the Fields of Punishment and has some more of features. It is mixture of both heaven, hell and something in between.

Mythology provides a window into the world view of a culture, and while each culture’s mythology has a unique sensibility to it, finding connections between world mythologies shows that maybe we’re not as different as we think.

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