Hades is a special god in peopleís mind, no one like to talk about him or worship him. Actually ,people always afraid of those things that unbeknown and scary. For Hades ,maybe he doesnít have the status as high as his little brother, Zeus, but he has the most powerful force. Charging the netherworld is not a good job, he was forced to go to the darkest field and facing countless ghosts. As a god , he didnít receive the respect and adoration from the human beings. Instead, all the people feared him, even tried to be against him. Because of the dread of death, the died people did everything possible to escape from his control. Hades punished them in a very cruel way. It seems that Hades become the incarnation of cold and ruthless. But as a god, as the king of the underworld, as the lord of all the ghosts, he had to follow the rules, so he wonít allow anyone to challenge his authority. Strong power and serious character, shaping the inviolability of divine king, Hades.
But is Hades a cold and cruel god? Absolutely not. He is also the one with love and loyalty. He cooperated his brother Zeus to fight against their father, when they did it ,as the eldest son, he has the right to succeed the crown, but he followed Prometheusí advice, to draw. He still remember that his little brother saved him ,and it is the fairest way to elect the god of the world. The most controversial thing of him is his queen, Proserphone. He kidnapped the girl. But compared with Zeus who have a lot of mistresses and hundreds of children, Poseidon who raped priestess Medusa, he is the most truthful and devoted lover. And he made an exception for Orpheus to bring back his wife, because he is not a man with a heart of stone.
Hades, a god who has been misunderstood and feared , still has a lot of secrets waiting for us to discover and interpret.