Restore Hades's Reputation

According to peopleís conventional wisdom:there is a god so feared,even no one would speak his name,because he is the warden of the dead,Hades.But in my view,I prefer Hades to Zeus much more.So, today I want to restore Hadesís reputation.

Hades is the eldest child of Kronos,the king of Titans.In other words,he is Zeusís elder brother.That means he has a real advantage to inherit the largest share by right.But everyone has own ambition and gods are no exception.So,they decided to draw lots.This behavior may sound the most fair to everyone,actually,it also erased Hadesís advantage.In my understanding about this part,the agreement of drawing from Hades contained his aspiration of peace to human,the appreciation to Zeusís saving and maybe a little brotherhood in his mind.All in all,he didnít want to fight with his brothers.So,I think Hades is a considerate and affectionate god.But,things went athwart,Hades drew the short straw and the land of dead belongs to him,which was a tragic turning for him.He was supposed to be a good man.

Whatís more,Hades has awesome power.He ruled the underworld,where has many horrible mythical creatures.He totally has ability to fight with Zeus.But he did not,he kept the underworld in perfect order.No one can escape from his hand,which can reflect that Hades is impartial to everyone .In a word,Hades is a kind of role that did everything he fated responsibly but did not gain something he deserved.

Besides, I want to talk something else.Greek myths are a kind of imagination and explanation about temporal of human beings.In ancient times,people canít understand natural phenomenons just like now we are curious about unknown things.People fear death in all ages,because they don;t know where they will reach and what will happen.So Greeks created Hades and made him become a symbol of death.So it is not so much a fear of Hades as a fear of unknown.If one day there is a man who doesnít scare future,he will be invincible in any dangers. 

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