Luo jin posted his romantic relationship on Weibo
December 6 is Tiffany Tang's birthday, but fans are the ones who received a big birthday surprise.The actor Luo Jin, her prince from The Princess Weiyoung, has publicly posted their romantic relationship on Weibo.Chinese and international viewers have been fascinated by the love between a revenging princess and her enemy's royal prince in The Princess Weiyoung.The historical romance drama currently leads the Top 10 list at DramaFever.
The pairing of Tiffany Tang and Luo Jin is actually the fourth time they have co-starred together.Fans have long adored them as a couple on screen, and entertainment news is full of speculation about their possible real-life romance.However, the two stars have never officially confirmed any dating relationship, and Tiffany even once told reporters to ignore rumors.
On exactly 12:06 am, December 6, Luo Jin posted to her Weibo with this message: My shoulders are always for you to lean on! My Dear, happy birthday.Tiffany immediately responded. It's a double play on a Chinese phrase "Yuan Lai Shi Ni", which means "So it's you." But she substituted the first character with a homophone, which means "destiny" or "fate".Many netizens wrote that "A birthday simply can't get anymore romantic than what has just happened."Congratulations to Tiffany Tang and Luo Jin for finding each other to love and cherish.