With his superior power ,Hades was being afraid by the mankind,not being worshiped.Becoming the guardian of underworld and losing his chance to become the ultimate divine ,I think Hades can be a really tragic character.He not only lost the right to living in the bright,but also the chance to enjoy the happiness from love affairs.Though he lived in the dark,he still keept some gentle and kind qualities,for example,when Orpheus broke into the hell ,asking Hades release his wife,Hades actually gave him a chance,we can not blame Hades because it was Orpheus's fault to disobey the promise.He punished those who wanted to break the natural rules and treat the death with cruel ways ,showing the outside people with his horrible figure ,but nobody really understand how lonely and sad he would be.
         When you are powerful, you have to be careful because there will always be someone who envy you and use tricks to trap you.I do not think Zeus take the throw in an aboveboard way according to the poor and disgusting things he have done.When Venus knew that there was a princes in the man'world who was praised to be even prettier than her,she send her son Cupid ,trying to make her fall in love with an ugly guy by his magic narrow.The divines are like human,they can be jealous and foxy,playing tricks on others. Having talents or power does not mean that you are unbeatable,in order to get the final success,you have to be clear and careful.It is not the same thing for having it and keeping it.So Hades'failure somehow owe to his own lake of awareness of competitive and ability to find the Zeus'trick.