In my opinion, the story of the Medusa is full of tragedy color.And this tragedy can not be changed with her striving.
Medusa is beautiful.  However, what her beauty bring her is the rap from Poseidon. She lost her virgin and could not be the servant of gods any more. What’s worse, when she suffer the pain of both heart and body, Athena impute all these things to Medusa. She was punished again. Her fine hair was changed into awful snake. Anybody who has eye contact with her will become a stone. She was despised among others. She was thought of the symbol of evil. Moreover, amounts of soldier want to cut of her head and use it as a weapon. At last, it do come true. And the one who cut off her head was called a hero.
In the whole story, Medusa is the most innocent one. But she also suffer a lot. In the ancient Greek mythology, there do be some goddess. But all these goddess are androphany. In this story, Athena is one. And other goddess like Hera also resemble Athena. At that time, women are not respected by others. Even women themselves speak for the men. I think this is the origin of this tragedy and this poor girl.

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