The world's oldest person celebrated her 117th birthday

This Tuesday, the oldest living peroson------Emma Morano celebrated her 117th birthday with her friends,neighbours and doctor in her small apartment home in the northern Italian mountain town of Verbaria. She blew the candles out and joke that she didn't want cut cut it since she would become older one age.      
She told those attending her party that she was very glad to see their coming. She also received Italian president Sergio Mattarella's greeting------wished her peace and continued good health.
She is regarded as the last living person born in the 1800s. However, she told the Reuters news that part of her life was not that wonderful. She told reporters that the man who she ought to marry died in World War One and then she was forced to marry a man she didn't love at the age of 26. What gave her more grief is that she lost her son when he was only six months old. She lived an unhappy marriage so she divorced and kept living alone until now. People are really curious about why she can live for such a long time. The key of her long living is that eat at least two uncooked eggs and keep positive outlook on life everyday.

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