Hades's marriage
Persephone was the daughter of Demeter who was the Geek goddess of plants and harvests. Her parents loved her very much and she could go wherewver she want. Then, the underground king Hades looked at Persephone and fell in love with her. However, if Hades dressed in a long dark robe, holding a narcissus in his hand, and paid court to Persephone,  it must be a joke. Since Hades was not a intriguing god and he did not good at chasing girl, he took a very effective method—He took Persephone to the underground.
But she was not happy after being taken here because she missed her parents so Hades tries various devices to make her happy and gave her a large number of delicious food. Still, Hades had few communication with Persephone. At the same time, Demeter wen to find her daughter everywhere but she forgot to grow plants for harvest. In a result, a lot of plants died. And because of this, Hades decided to give her free for part of the year. He gave her a pomegranate and she ate six seeds that meant she must stay at the underground for six months and for the rest she could stay with her parents.
I am always attracted by Hades, partly because he was a simple god and partly because personal preference. He liked to hide his face, wearing a long dark robe. But this doesn't present that he is an evil. I would like to use undertone to discribe his dark because he kept a very low profile without overmuch decoration. In a word, Hades chose the marriage in his way, it has no right or wrong, it is just a different way.