Mac Carter, a British father of 14-year-old Ben who has autism, launched a global search on the internet to find a specific kind of little blue cup for his son, the UK-based Daily Mail newspaper reported. A Chinese cup factory is playing an essential role in this heart-warming endeavor.
Ben has a major case of autism. When he was two, Mac gave him a little blue cup that was made in China and ever since the cup had become one of the most important items in Ben's life.Over 12 years, Ben refused to drink water without the cup. Mac tried to take Ben to a therapist to solve the cup problem, but it was of no use.Many strangers found their identical cup and offered to send them to Ben.MThe baby products company Tommee Tippee UK said they had a dedicated team searching the cupboards for Ben's cup. The company also delved further into their search on the internet. The team was sent to China, and they found the same exact mould for the cup in the factory that initially made it.After checking the mould was still in function, the company and the Chinese factory decided to make as many as 500 cups for Ben, and Mac was thrilled about all this.