Ancient Greek's attitude towards death            
  The power of death is strong.  No one can outwit death.Those who had tried to cheat death is doomed to be harshly punished,like Sisyphus.In this documentary,the ancient Greek kept stressing that Hades,the master of the underworld, was so horrible that he was even disagreeable among his other siblings gods,in addition to the description of the bleak ,dark and decayed underworld,both reflect ancient Greek people's terror , anxiety and hatred towards death.
  And in the description of Ancient Greek myth,the world of dead  is just similar to the that of the live.Levels also exist in the underworld.And only the famous and glorious can enter the paradise,the level of which correspond to the life of upper class in ancient Greece.And those ordinary people in the real world come down into the middle level after they die,which is called limbo in Christian conception,the place which is shadowed by grey shade.Those outcasts in the real world remain tortured and punished in the level which is called hell in Christianity.So,I think ancient Greek people's attitude towards death is quite rational because they didn't tend to imagine that the world of dead is a carefree place where all men would live a happy life.