No one would like to mention death. From ancient times to the present, peopleís fear and dislike of death have never changed. Therefore, Hades, as the God of underworld, was regarded as an awesome figure and nobody can manage to challenge his authority of governing the dead. All the impressions he left to the ordinary people are his grimness. However, besides the fear of him, Hades is actually a just and responsible god.
     He is the oldest son of Cronus and Rhea. And also, he is the last one to be regurgitated by his father. He should have been the one that is most likely to succeed his fatherís possession. But when Gods of Olympus drew lots to decide which part they rule, Hades received the underground, which place none of others wanted to govern because if so, they have to be isolated from the sunny world. Hades had no fight for this and he succeeded ruling the hell in perfect order.
     Hades also has a compassionate side. Olfers, a talented instrument player, used to have a happy life with his wife until his wife was killed by snakes. So Olfers stepped into the underground and played his instrument for Hades to beg Hades to let his wife return to the earth. In a great extent, it is because Olfersí play was filled with magic power that Hades agreed to offer him an opportunity. But Hades is always just, he required Olfers  not to whip round while going back to the earth with his wife following him. It was a pity that Olfers couldnít help himself whipping round, even though he nearly got the success, he failed at last.To be honest, I have to say Olfers is such a silly one. He controlled himself in other parts of the whole route, but only before the last step, he broke all of this. So it occurs to me that it is easy to hold on to, but itís hard to hold on to the end.
     All in all, Hades played an integral role in Greek Myth world.       


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