Whether in the ancient Greek mythology or in modern real world, womanís right is always lower than manís. So the voice for women becomes louder and louder these days. Feminism has been a hot issue.
    Medusa was raped by Poseidon and then suffered the pain of becoming a monster and losing her beauty.
    But thatís not equal. And before Perseus grew up to an adult, his mother was imprisoned in a small room. And after that, when they escaped, she was also forced to marry a king.          In all ages, womanís status is commonly under those manís, and theyíre regarded as the weaker for granted.
    But in my opinion, feminism is an important thing. Turning a beautiful woman into a monster for her fault is a crazy thing.Maybe from that early time, people had had a consciousness that woman are born to be weak. I love Medusa though sheís a monster, though she died at last. She represented most women.