Gender Discrimination in Employment

Nowadays,“do not recruit girls” at some provincial workplaces has become the latent rules of recruitment.Phenomena of exclusion or restriction on women exist in many companies' recruitment.The Women' s Studies Institute of China (WSIC) released a report. The results showed that 86.6 percent of female college students had experienced one or multiple types of gender discrimination while job hunting.

A total of 80.2 percent of female interviewees were able to offer examples of gender discrimination that they had encountered while searching for jobs, including positions described as reserved for males or with preference for male applicants.Some employers indicate clearly that they just need boys.
Some employers even limited jobs based on the blood types and horoscopes of female applicants.Female graduate students also face the “age embarrassed”in seeking jobs. They are almost always asked about the problems on marriage and children by the recruitment companies.

A professor at Hunan University pointed out that although China has regulations in place to prevent gender discrimination, many companies still prefer to hire men because of traditional stereotypes and unequal legal policies.