Medusa was the unfortunate woman in the Greek myth who was loved by the God of the sea. She can’t continue to work for Athena because she lost her virginity. So Athena put the hair of Medusa into countless snakes. The beauty turned into a Gorgon. Anyone who looked at her eyes will turn into stones at once. It’s so brutal and unfair to Medusa. She was just the victim who didn't do anything wrong. Why should she suffer those cruel punishments ?
    In my view I think the story of Medusa is miserable and cruel. After I watched the whole story of Medusa, I feel so painful. The tragedy of Medusa reflected that in ancient Greek, women suffered a lot. They had a lower position and they’re just the adjuncts of men physically and mentally. And it also remind me of the traditional preference for boys took strong root in Chinese old society. And my grandpa didn't like me very much just because I were not a boy.
   Until day, there are still lots of prejudice to women. They still treated differently from men. I think everyone one of us shouldn’t ignore this serious problems, especially for our women, we need to fight for our own right.

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