Most people will never get a chance to go inside the White House, the famous home of the president of the United States. But new application software can bring the White House to life for anyone with a telephone equipped for computer programs. To experience this famous building, you just used your phone and an American one dollar bill.
     The new App is called '1600', because the White House is located in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The App creates a small version of the White House on your phone. After downloading it, just point the camera on the phone at a dollar bill to start the experience. The dollar will transforms into a three dimensional model of the White House. It creates images having length, width and height. When the smartphone is moved around, the images of the building also change.
    In addition, it provides historical information and some details about the White House, which is talked by U.S. President's Press Secretary. The new App is the latest way that used technology as an educational tool. This time it gives people all over the world the chance to virtually visit the 'people's House'.