Would your pizza have a different taste if it were prepared by a robot?

That is the question people are asking as some American businesses test food-preparation robots.

A start-up company in California, called Zume, is testing machines that make pizza.

The robot takes and shapes dough to create the base of the pizza. It then adds tomato sauce, cheese, meat or other toppings. Next, the robot places the uncooked pizza into a hot oven. A few minutes later, the pizza is ready.

The pizza comes out the same each time. Zume says the robots work quickly and do not get sick. The robots do not get paid either.

A company called Bistrobot uses robots to make sandwiches. Its first machine is in a small store just south of San Francisco.

Right now, the machine only makes sandwiches with ingredients like peanut butter, jelly, Nutella and a spicy chili sauce. Each sandwich costs just $2.

The companies say they are developing robots so people can get higher quality food faster. But what about the jobs the robots are taking from humans?

Ken Goldberg is a professor at the University of California in Berkeley. He also directs the school's automation laboratory. Goldberg said researchers have been working with robots for 50
years. He said that, while there has been progress, the jobs are not going to disappear right away.


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