After watching the video about Zeus,I would like to talk about my ideas.

    Thanks to mastering thunder and lightning,Zeus had an absolute advantage over other gods in force,which led to his solid dominance on Mount Olympus.By the way,it could be very obvious in this video that mankind were in great awe of nature in the myth.

    About his control of human beings,it was fair and just because Zeus equally treated monarchs and civilians.However,he was very absolute and greedy.He wanted everyone to be subject to him,otherwise he might wipe out all of humans.Moreover,his desires to have beautiful human women was unlimited.Ancient Greeks seemed to view the strong pursuit of women as a symbol of exuberant vitality,and sang the praises of it.

    Zeus was a god of contradictory qualities.He was majestic and righteous but his mind was filled with worldly desires.As the ruler of all gods,his actions sometimes were extremely irresponsible.

    The characteristics of Zeus had representativeness to a certain extent.This god,a household word,was not so perfect owing to his greatness and obscenity in the eyes of modern people,which was directly related to humanism of ancient Greece.Ancient Greeks were rational when worshiping gods.For one thing,they believed the supreme power of gods.For another thing,they regarded gods as the reflection of  their lives when they created the images of gods.