Lighting is being blamed for the death of 323 wild reindeer in central Norway. The lightning storm took place in a small area of the Hardangervidda mountain plateau last Friday.
    Every year, thousands of reindeer travel across the Hardangervidda mountain area. The Norwegian Enviroment Agency is a government agency that reports on climate and environment issues in Norway.
     The agency said 70 calves were among the died reindeer. Kjartan Knutsen is the spokesman for the Norwegian Enviroment Agency.
    Knutsen told the Associated Press that it was unusual to have such a large number of reindeer deaths in one lightning storm. “We have not heard about such numbers before.” He said.
    Knutsen said reindeer like to group together in bad weather, this may be a possible reason for their death. The agency is discussing what to do with the reindeer.