The story shows us a mortal woman’s tragic fate in the world of God.
    Her beauty, the most precious treasure she had, was a fatal mistake for her. It was Medusa who were blamed just because Poseidon, the man who raped her, was a powerful god. Even her master Athena stood in the angle of man, and punished her with most cruel curse, despite the reality that Medusa was a victim. As a result of all these unfair treatments, Medusa ended as the sacrificial lamb of the world of gods and most frightening monster. Her hairs turned into snakes and her eyes became killing weapons——just one look would turn people into stone. Medusa could do nothing but stayed on the deserted island lonely.
    Her death, the most terrible thing to human, was a kind of disengagement for her. Being alone on a deserted island for countless years with just stone around and bearing the name of a monster, no one could imagined how painful Medusa felt mentally. Death was the best ending for her tragic fate.
    Medusa’s story showd us a different side of Greek mythology. Gods are not only the symbol of kindness and beauty, but alsl vivid imaged with flesh, bones and bad thoughts. Concupiscence, envy and unjustment created Medusa’s tragedy.