I feel sympathy about the suffering of Medusa.

In my opinion, the tragedy of medusa reflects the inequality in genders. People in that time just regarded woman as property value and be treated badly. Besides, Masculinity is sovereign in ancient time, no matter what mistakes the male made; female should be blamed and punished, even though they did nothing wrong.

Medusa was once to be a ravishing woman whose beauty was envied by every woman. However, she turned into a monster with snake curling around her hair and be cursed forever. It was Poseidon who raped her, but released from the punishment of Athena. However, the most mournful is that even Athena is on the side of the Poseidon. It also reflects a serious situation of the inequality in genders that even woman think they are supposed to be at the lower position than man. They donít even have a sense of self-recognition and they are willing to be treated as the entertainment for man without their own thoughts.

Even though there still exists some unfair thoughts in genders, especially in undeveloped countries, the main idea of the whole society is towards positive and equal. However, Woman wasnít always shown as a weaker figure, but more independent and stronger. I think these changes all owed to the several enlightenments in human thoughts which rescue woman from the dark time!
Anyway, as a independent woman of the modern age, live for yourself!

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