The underworld in Greek mythology is only another world different from those of the male humans, for most of the people is not a horrible place, only those who are evil fear into the underworld, fear of death, afraid to see Hades.Hades manage the underworld orderly and disciplined.

I think Hades is the fairest god, though he had no mercy, he play fair, and his eyes without a grain of sand, every wicked have punishment, and the good man will send into the blissful pure land.The fear of Hades also  shows the strength of Hades from another side.

And Hades is very specific to the sentiment, only love his queen Persephone. In addition to rob his wife,there is no other bad happened and he does not be viewed as a robber.He shares his power with his wife and has the decisive spell able.Therefore,Hades choose his marriage in his own way, there is no right or wrong, but in a different way.

The Greek don't like Hades, only established one temple to Hades.It is the ancients prejudice against Hades.Hades is not cruel, he is strict discipline;Hades is not rough, he is strong and powerful;Hades is not wild, he is a highly effective;Hadesís  inside is not without feelings, he is composed.

From Hadesí story, we can see, the world of Hades is simple but rich , his world represents the death, but also represents the wealth.Because all men are liable to mistake, so most people will be punished after died, but Hades never has any violation of the rules to dispose who casually.

Either to people or things around him , Hades is very serious, has a clear mind to the principle ,calmly face anything and act decisively.

And I think Hades in our video is a bit ugly, it looks like a old man, but he should be very handsome in mythology.