I kind like Hades after watching the documentary.
I quite appreciate his appearance, it seems somehow cute to me. (=w=)
Then I have to say that I love his exclusiveness towards love.
Unlike Zeus, he is not so lasciviousness, which is pretty rare in the Greek myth.
He is exclusively in love with Persephone, although he robbed her rudely, he treats her well after they married.
As for lots-drawing with Poseidon and Zeus, he got the desolate eerie Hades as his realm.
Although he is the eldest son and has the right to reign the heaven, he accept his loss.
That is really something worth to be admired.
Besides these, he has mercy face as well.
He was moved by music and gave Orpheus a chance to relive his beloved wife.
At last it says that Jesus Christ will destroy Hades and death itself.
I donít like this development of plot. It is kind of destroy of balance and natural rule.
Anyway.╮(╯-╰)╭ I like Hades. And that is enough.

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