Having watched the story of Medusa, I want to say something about male violence, and feminism.

    Medusa is a tragic character. As a beautiful young girl, she has no fault. At that time, women are not able to protect themselves. Face to Poseidonís harassment, Medusa only can rely on herself, however, a girl cannot defeat a man, what she can do is just to tolerate. The tragedy makes me think of modern societyís male violence. In China, this phenomenon is more obvious. In some countryside, women donít have their own work, and they cannot choose what they like. They are restricted in family, doing housework or raising children. Some men even fight their wife. Whatís worse, there is no effective law to protect women in countryside. So there is a large number of womenís life like Medusa.

    What we can do is to support feminism, and protect women. Like Emma Watson, everyone can make a contribution. The more we do, less tragedy like Medusa will happen.