Pluto’s love
  The Pluto——Hades, was considered as an evil character. Not only because he prisoned the dead souls, but also because he robbed Persephone roughly. Most people think that Persephone was a poor girl due to she had to stay in ghostdom several months with that awful god reluctantly.
  However, I don’t agree with them. In my opinion, Hades and Persephone’s love was one of the purest love among all of the gods. The reason for Persephone had to stay in gostdom was she ate the pomegranate which was the food of the gostdom. Here was a point that she ate it of her own accord. I think it seems like token of love in our ancient myth. The acception of the pomegranate equalled to the acception of Hades love in a way. Moreover, Hades was very loyal to this romance afterwards. Isn’t this love purer than the loves between Zeus and his countless lover? In my view, we shouldn’t regard this love under the affection of Hades’ status. If he was an awesome and energetic god, maybe he and Persephone’s love story would be praised by the multitude.