The character of Hades in my opinion
Hades, as the oldest son of Cronus and Rhea, defeated his father’s generation of Gods. Unfortunately, what he received was the Underworld. He was in charge of all things beneath the earth, which came the name “ the Zeus of the underworld”. The myth suggest that he was dissatisfied with his turnout. According to the age order, he was supposed to receive the Sky. He had no choices but moved to his realm. Until now, he is associated with the darkness and evil. But in my opinion, he is a considerable and tactful feature.

Underworld, no wonder, is a horrible place. But Hades ruled it very well. Nearly nobody was dare to violate him, where his ability came through. There were less statues about Hades than other Gods because people didn’t want to came into his notice. But I think people who are afraid of him is due to their fear to death. Actually, Hades is not Azrael. So it is unfair to regard him as a horrible figure.
Instead, he is a kind God. In order to save her life, one man tried to use his tweedle to move Hades. Although Hades didn’t have the loving experience, he burst into tears. In this point, he is not a God but an ordinary person. He can feel the mutual love between that couple. At last, the woman didn’t get out of the Underworld due to the man’s suspect to Hades, which was not the fault of Hades.
When it comes to the character of Hades, living circumstances must be taken into account. In order to survive, he must be formidable. But it doesn’t affect us to admire his strengths.