Medusa's life is a tragedy, which was caused by her beauty and identity. She used to be the priest of Athena and she must remain a virgin, and unfortunately, she was raped in the temple of Poseidon but Athena got extremely angry and furiously punished Medusa but not Poseidon, which plot is a general view of writing myth reaction of the society at that time. That kind of prejudice against women is a bit like the word "straight cancer " in today's society, which means the reason why a man rape a beautiful woman is the woman is nasty. It's unfair. Medusa became ugly then and obtained a strong power to protect herself. However, her power then became a fascinating weapon to heroes, and thus, heroes rushed to fight for her power. Finally, Zeus' illegitimate child successfully killed Medusa and got her power. Though the success was built on the basis of Medusa's death and restless utilization after death, no one cares about the Medusa 's inner loneliness and resentment. They just regard her as a dissolute woman, an offender, and a monster. That's why I consider it is a tragedy and what impressed me most.