I love the tragic story about Orpheus and Eurydice.
From the vedio, Orpheus lived his life simply and carelessly until he met his wife Eurydice. But the rustic god Aristaeus saw Eurydice's beauty and desired it.One day he found her ,she ran from him in terror and,unfortunately stepped on a poisonous snake hole. She was killed at once and her spirit went to the Underworld.
    Orpheus was inconsolable,but he did not let it lull him into a stupor, he decided to take action.
    With his lyre, Orpheus descended into the Underworld. A normal mortal would have perished any number of times, but Orpheus had his lyre and voice. He charmed Cerberus who guarded the Underworld and let him pass. Facing Hades and his cold Queen  Persephone ,he played for them his sorrow at the loss of his love. Hades'frozen heart  was melted.
    Even Hades could not help weeping. They let Orpheus through to Eurydice,but warned him very carefully: Eurydice would follow him into the light of the world and once she entered the sunlight she would be changed from a shade back to a woman. But if Orpheus doubted, if he looked back to see her, she would be lost to him forever.I think this warning is very interesting.It tested Orpheus ’  trust of Hades ,it also decided Orpheus’life. I think as a lord of underworld, Hades’ power is so simple but quite horrible fot everyone, maybe this uncertainty lead to Orpheus do a wrong choice .At the last moment , he lost faith and turned around. He saw Eurydice, but only for a moment as her shade was whisked back down among the other dead souls. She was gone. A tragic ending.And Orpheus definitely had no way to let his wife back.

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