Medusa is one of the most vicious enchantress in the ancient Greek mythology. But in my view, her life is a tragedy and I feel so pity about her. And then , I will give several reasons why I think her life is a tragedy. Firat, she had ever been so beautiful with long beautiful hair. In addition,.a large number of men love her beauty and wanted to marry her, but she cannot get married with any man. As long as she was a virgin, she could guard Athena forever. It is really a tragedy that such a beautiful can enjoy normal life. Then she was raped by a deity, she lost her pure. Athena was furious, however , she hasn't punished the deity but punished Medusa harshly. I think it is unfair, the victim is Medusa and she shouldn't be punished. But Athena's actions made me know that female was just like tools not human being in the ancient time.