After watching the story of hades,  I truely feel sympathy for his ending, I mean, he could have chance to become the God of all  gods, but he failed,inversely he became a god who is loved by nobody and don't know what love is. When he listened to music he cried , which really touched me ,because his emotion made him more like a mankind ratherthan a god. He have to live with thousands of deads,he have to live in where there are cold and dark and no happiness, he can't get his dignity but loneliness actually always badger with him. It'too unfair to a God who could have all he want to have.When the revelation said he was finally killed by Jesus, I realized that he became a sacrificial lamb of two religions conflict,which is very woeful.His life is not like a life because he lived in underworld. And the only one mean of his death is to show another god's dignity.