Ex-president Obama and his family will celebrate their eighth and final Christmas in the White House this month.
  Not long ago,White House staff and first lady Michelle Obama revealed this year’s holiday decorations.
  This year’s theme is “The Gift of the Holidays.”
  The decorations include nearly 70,000 ornaments, 63 Christmas trees, and two very large statues of the Obama family’s dogs, Sunny and Bo. Most of the ornaments and other   decorations were reused, the White House said. Just 10 percent were new.
  What is special is that many of the decorations represent important gifts in America, including the “gift of a great education,” Michelle Obama said. For example,in the White House Library, a Christmas tree is decorated with ornaments that honor girls. The word “Girls” is printed in a different language on each ornament. A program called Let Girls Learn has been a major effort of Michelle Obama’s. It aims to help girls and young women around the world get a quality education.
    Besides,an estimated 68,000 people will visit the White House during the holiday season.The most important thing is that there is no cost to enter!

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