In the stories of Zeus and Perseus, all the prophecies said that younger generation will surpass their predecessors one day had been proved. The family bond in ancient Greek stories was quite different from that in China. In Greek stories, most of the kings prefer holding the power rather than the family love. However in ancient China, family bond was considered as the most important, and the common knowledge that power should be inherited from the predecessors of their family members. Maybe the stories are satirizing the selfishness and merciless of the divine for they spare no efforts to obtain power while persecuting their children.
The stories also reflect the unfairness even in the world of gods. Zeus also has disadvantages, which is the same as the mediocrity. However, he owns the strongest power and he is worshipped by human beings. On the contrary, Hades is feared and hated by everyone because of the morbid, horrible place he is in charge of. He has no choice and his character is shaped by the horrible environment in the ghostdom, not inborn. In conclusion, nobody is perfect, even the gods. Nowhere is fair enough, even in the paradise.

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