But for me,I feel great sympathy for Medusa.She definitely cares about her reputation, as the priest decided the importance of her chastity.But her outstanding appearance gets her into a big trouble.When the sea god Neptune (the Greek god Poseidon) began to fall in love with her, the goddess Minerva (the Greek goddess Athena) became jealous and changed Medusa into a hideous Gorgon, a creature with a head full of snakes. Anyone who looks directly at Medusa immediately turns to stone.She is full of lonely and helpless, after days of traveling, Perseus finally spotted Medusa, and chopped her head off. I suppose it's a relief for her.That could have saved her from a nightmare. It can reflect the competition and  jealousy between girls. Not only nobody's perfect, even including gods. Besides, it can bring a story to life, we can see the selfishness in gods.