The members of the Electoral College will cast their votes to uphold November's presidential election on December 19. They are known as electors. Many people on Twitter are using the hashtag Esteemed Electors in a last attempt to ask electors to vote for someone other than Donald Trump. Actor Josh Gad wrote: Have courage. Protect our democracy. This is your right and your duty. Other actors, including Martin Sheen, who played the president on television, speak directly to Republican members of the Electoral College in a video. They say Donald Trump is not qualified to be president. They suggested that the electors choose a person who is qualified, and added that it does not have to be Hillary Clinton. Many Trump supporters are saying the Electoral College members should follow the wishes of the people in their state. This year, one elector has already said he will not follow his state's vote. That is Christopher Suprun of Texas. He wrote an opinion article in the New York Times recently explaining that he would not vote for Trump. Suprun's lone vote against Trump will not make a difference in the results. If the remaining electors follow the wishes of their state, Trump will receive more than the required 270 votes.