Employment competition of Returnees to increase

Katie Qi, 24-year-old, felt so stressed and depressed that she could not fall asleep at night after returning home from a one-year master's program in the UK in October.The cause of negative emotions for Qi was clearly related to her difficulty looking for a job.She thought that as an overseas returnee, she would get a good job easily, but her reality experience over the past two months was much different.
She went to countless job fairs in Beijing, but always ended up either being directly turned down or only offered a starting salary that was much lower than her expectations.returning Chinese students are prone to go through the psychological gap caused by the difference between their expectations for a decent and well-paid job and the difficulty in finding one.As the number of returnees increase, the mounting professional pressure is becoming a problem for more and more job seekers.
Figures from the official website of China's Ministry of Education showed the number of overseas Chinese students who returned in 2015 was 12% higher than the previous year.

I think Rather than complaining, it is more meaningful to be positive and to actively integrate yourself back into society.Returnees to consider a different way of perceiving things to give them an opportunity to be stronger mentall and improve their skill.