Next year,Russia will launch a survivors reality show "Game 2: Winter". And many audiences shocked by the provisions of ths show:
(1) 30 men and women players will stay in 40 degrees below zero temperatures of Siberian wilderness for 9 months,
(2) the region might have bears and  wolves, but players will not allowed to carry guns
(3)This show won't stop rape and murder.
(4) players need to pay a large sum of money to join this show
(5)This show will broadcast 24 hours a day. And the  propaganda of this show claimed "fight, alcohol, murder, rape, all behaviors will be allowed".
Players will be required to sign a consent to death disclaimer. Producers also said "even if the players want to rape or murder we also won't tube". But the show rules also suggests that "the police can take away any offence". Show crew will not be used, but they will found a place for 2000 cameras, each player will carry a camera. Requirement for players is: at least 18 years of age, mental is normal. Now it has more than 60 applicants, including an American.