Online Donation: “LUO YIXIAO , STOP”
   More than RMB2.6million raised in an online donation by a father for his seriously ill daughter will be returned to the donors following public outcry over his lack of honesty about the family's economic situation.
  The five-old girl Luo Yixiao was diagnosed as acute lymphocytic leukemia in this September. Her father Luo Er is a magazine editor who wrote a heart-wrenching passage and published it on we-chant to ask for help, which moved thousands of people. More and more people forwarded the article and made donation. While this week someone reported that Luo Er owned three properties. That means he can entirely afford the medical expenses. What’s more, the medical insurance has covered more than 80% of the medical expenses ,he only needs to pay 30,000.
       This online donation suffered a strong query. Some people claimed that their kindness had been taken advantage of .
       And the legal expert claims that if your family member is in trouble, you can ask public for help. But if you provide fabricate false information or intentionally conceal important facts, it can be called fraud. 

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