Obama urges Trump to take hacking seriously, says he told Putin to ‘cut it out’

President Obama suggested strongly on Friday that Russia’s Vladimir Putin knew about the email hacking that roiled the U.S. presidential race, and he urged his successor, Donald Trump, to back a bipartisan investigation in to the matter. “Not much happens in Russia without Vladimir Putin,” Obama said in his year-end news conference. The president said he had warned Putin there would be serious consequences it he did not “cut it out,” though he did not specify the extent or timing of any U.S. retaliation for the hacking, which many Democrats believe contributed to Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton. Obama also expressed bewilderment over republican lawmakers and voters alike who now say they approve of Putin, declaring, “Ronald Reagan would roll over in his grave.”


“The Russians can’t change us or significantly weaken us. They are a smaller country, they are a weaker country. Their economy doesn’t produce anything that any one wants to buy except oil and gas and arms. They don’t innovate. But they can impact us if we lose track of who we are. They can impact us if we abandon our values.” Obama.

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