In recent years, private cars are getting more and more popular in China, which is a result of so many different reasons.

First of all, economic development improves people’s living standards. People are not content with making a living, but start to enjoy life. Food, clothing, shelter, after these basic needs of life are met, it’s a natural tendency to seek higher level of living condition, the means of traveling.

Secondly, In the society’ s mainsteam, owning a private car is regarded as a symbol of success and wealth. More and more girls use private cars as a reference point when choosing a partner. Therefore a man with his own car may be more advantageous in the competition.

Last, an increasing number of families choose to take a self-driving tour during holidays. Compared to other vehicles such as train and plane, a private car is much more flexible and less costly, which make it the best choice for those who want to take a family trip to places of interest nearby.

The popularization of private cars shows that Chinese people are living a better life under the rapid development of society.,359602548&fm=23&gp=0.jpg