U. S. President Barack Obama has ordered a full review of hacking related to U. S. elections going back to 2008.But a lot of the focus is going to be on the 2016 presidential election. For months, the U. S. government and several parts of the intelligence community have accused Russia of hacking into American political systems and trying to meddle in or influence the U. S. election. Russia has denied any wrongdoing and demanded that U. S. official prove it. Some members of the U. S. intelligence community have suggested that Russia wanted to give Donald Trump an advantage over Hillary Clinton. Others say that's not certain. And the U. S. presidential administration disagree over this, too,with the White House suggesting that President-elect Trump did benefit from Russian meddling, and the incoming Trump administration saying it hasn't seen proof of that and suggesting that U. S. politics are motivating the accusations against Russia.--