In Norfolk, Virginia, the nearby sea and river brought centuries of properisty from commercial shipping, a huge navy base and many businesses that support maritime activities. But rising seas are a growing problem for many low-lying neighborhoods. Old Dominion University researchers Ray Toll says seas have been rosing for a while, and worries the problem make it worse faster,Every 20 years, the sea level goes up certain much, and the experts are worried about the next acceleration.
  Real estate data expert Daren B;omquist says coastal homes offer good climate and views ususally getting top prices, but floodhurt buyer demand. Homes are getting destroyed in some of these natrual disasters.
  Some house owners raise homes above the likely flood level, cutting high flood insurance costs.Flood vents and drains allow water to harmlessly enter and leave the lowest leve.But lifting a structure is a complicated and expensive procedure that is inapprpriate fir some builldings.For those century-old buildign, vulnerable appliances and utilities will be moved above the predicted water level, accordign to Fllod mitigation expert, Mike Vernon.
  Financial problems encourage governments, military leaders, home sellers, insurance , and scientists to work together, so smart rules are more likely to guide future development and miinimize damage to existing communities.

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