A Story About “Hope”
      The heartbreaking picture shows a naked, starving child being given water by Anja Ringgren Loven, a humanitarian volunteer worker. The two-year-old boy Nigeria had been abandoned by his family because they thought he was a witch. When Anja Lovén first laid eyes on the toddler walking naked through the dusty streets of south-east Nigeria, he was riddled with worms and so weak he could barely stand. The boy had spent eight months fending for himself and living off scraps. Loven took him in and gave him a name to give strength to recover: Hope.
      Actually, Hope just is one of children who were saved by Loven from rural Nigeria . Three years ago, when Anja travelled to Africa from Denmark, for the first time she saw how children were being tortured for superstition in rural Nigeria. With her husband, David, Anja now runs a children’s home for accused of witchcraft.She nearly sold everything she owned in Denmark to devote her time and life to help ‘witch children’ in Nigeria.” --

      Recently, she has been awarded  as “the leader of world’s most inspiring people of 2016”by the Germany magazine Ooom , because her constant efforts to help those tortured children of Nigeria , which deeply touched us and inspired us.


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