China decides to return seized underwater drone to US
  China has decided to return a US underwater drone seized by a Chinese warship during a security check in the South China Sea, a defense ministry spokesman said on Saturday.
   According to the spokesman Yang's statement on the website of defense ministry,a Chinese navy rescue ship found an unidentified apparatus in the South China Sea on Thursday. The rescue ship examined the apparatus to prevent it causing harm to navigation safety.Yang said the navy had identified the apparatus to be an unmanned underwater drone after the examination and decided to transfer it to the US.
   It is worth emphasizing that for a long time, the U.S. military has frequently dispatched vessels and aircraft to carry out close-in reconnaissance and military surveys within Chinese waters, Yang said. "China resolutely opposes these activities, and demands that the U.S. side should stop such activities. China will continue to be vigilant against the relevant activities on the U.S. side, and will take necessary measures in response," said the spokesperson.

file photo of South China Sea