Oakland warehouse party fire leaves nine dead and 25 missing
At least nine people were dead and 25 unaccounted for after fire broke out during a party in a warehouse in Oakland, city officials said on Saturday. A police spokesman said the death toll could be “a couple dozen”.
Officials said teams were forced to pause their search and recovery work on Saturday morning in order to stabilize the building, as the walls had weakened to dangerous levels.

City records showed that the warehouse had faced numerous formal complaints, including a “housing habitability” charge of “illegal interior building structure”, filed last month. The city’s investigation was still pending when the fire broke out.
In the last two years, the building had also faced two “blight” complaints, related to trash and “construction debris”, including claims that some garbage was “hazardous”.
On Saturday morning, the area around the warehouse still smelled strongly of smoke. The structure appeared to be largely burned out, its facade covered in soot. The warehouse’s name was still visible, in pink lettering on the front of the building.

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