Odysseus was the descendant of the god.

Generally, laws of nature would give way to the emergence of a legendary protagonist. It seemed to be the most natural thing that the incredible courage and perseverance became the qualities of the heroes.

Trojan War, launched by Odysseus, provoked numerous conflicts between Olympian Gods. Poseidon just rubbed Odysseus the wrong way. However, Athena always gave Odysseus secret assistance to bring him through. I believe that these things may imply some value orientation of ancient Greeks, that is “Wisdom and courage are equally important. ”

What was most impressive in the video was that facing with so many rascally suitors, faithful Penelope was unswervingly loyal to Odysseus for twenty years, looking forward to his returning. But Odysseus lived with the goddess Calypso on her island for seven years, which revealed his defects of humanity and his suspicion of dallying with women. One is the saintly wife. The other is the passionate mistress. In the eyes of ancient Greeks, great heroes were prone to holding an ambivalent attitude towards sex and love.

Since he was not very God, Odysseus certainly had characteristics of human being. None of Greek gods was perfect, let alone Odysseus.