It has already been a key object today of President Obama's administration both in America and internationally to promote the rights of disabled people.The disability rights can be seen in our daily life,like the ramps and elevator access in the buildings,the accessible bathrooms and so on.Judy is the first special adviser of the United States for international Disability Rights and herself is also a wheelchair rider.During her work,she has traveled to over 40 countries,engaging the governments and civil societies to promote the disability rights. There are about fifteen percent of the population today are disabled people and when you exclude a large percentage of a population,economic implications on the country will appear.She worked for the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities which America is a signatory to. With diplomacy,Judy and her team aim to courage them to fight for their rights by training State Department staff to create more exclusive environments in U.S embassies and to recognize and document the abuses of disability rights in some counties.She also exchanged the programs so that the governmental and non-governmental representatives can learn the first hand information.