Obamas prepare for Their Final White House Christmas
  Next month,Obamas will have their final White House Christmas.White House staff and first lady revealed this year's decorations.The theme is 'The Gift of the Holidays'.Decorations stand for important gifts in America,including the 'the gift of a great education'.In the White House library,there's a Christmas tree which is decorated with different language on each ornament.Michelle Obama trys to help girls and young women around the world get a quality educationhttp://upload.cbg.cn/2016/1130/1480496446533.jpg

  Another 'gift' is health.She thinks eating and exercise are also essential to girls.More than 90 volunteers came to decorate the White House.This year's decorations are almost reused and only less than 10% are new.We can see Obamas thrifty spirit.On Tuesday,White House will be free to an estimation of 68,000 people to visit.It is Obamas' eighth Christmas spending in the White House.http://imgcdn.yicai.com/uppics/slides/2016/11/636161017238038267.jpg
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